The beauty tell you the principles to wear jewelry

Different designs of jewelry, always able to bring us a different fashion surprises. Want to add a little surprise this material, so that the whole becomes more handsome figure, then wear the following principle is very important.
Number rules. With any number of jewelry should be less appropriate, generally no more than three better. Attention to fashion people should find some beauties on the high-end models are basically not wear jewelry more than three, sometimes just a necklace or a replica cartier juste un clou bracelet would have been able to beautiful.

Color rules. If you prefer the color sense, so when wearing jewelry, you should strive to color the same color. If you while wearing two or three jewelry, you should ensure that color with coordination. You should make it consistent color. Inlaid gemstone jewelry when worn, should try to ensure the consistency of the primary colors.
And then, the texture rules. Some people in the mix of jewelry will be some misunderstanding, that is, no matter what the material, as long as they are placed together like decorate themselves. In fact, when wearing fake van cleef & arpels jewelry, you should pay special attention to the texture of the same, so as to show a refined sense of coordination, which brings a dignified beauty.
Also, identity rules. When anyone with jewelry should pay attention to their gender, age, occupation characteristics and coordination are wearing bvlgari jewelry replica. Generally more upscale jewelry more practical for large-scale social evenings, not suitable to wear in their daily work life.
The important one, body rules Different body of people in the mix should be to learn how to avoid weaknesses jewelry For example, people can choose to wear thin medium length, compact design necklace;.. Compare overweight people are more suitable to wear with a sense of falling fringed necklace.
Last, the season rules. Each season has a specific fashion colors, therefore it should cater to the different seasons of color to go with the season jewelry. Choose dark colors such as winter knockoff hermes jewelry, and more suitable for summer choose light-colored jewelry.

Come back to work after holiday (Chinese New Year)

The Year of the Rooster begins on January 28, 2017.

Celebrations will begin on January 27, New Year’s Eve, and typically last around two weeks, making this the longest holiday in the Chinese calendar.

This year the festivities are set to end on February 2.

So our holiday is over now and must come back to work. As we begin a New Year, let us make a collective New Year’s resolution to keep working hard and working together to create money.

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