3D concept applied to replica van cleef and arpels jewelry design

From 3D movies to 3D sculpture, 3D design concept swept the world every corner. replica van cleef necklace designers are also clever use of 3D design to jewelry design, whether it is to create the perfect jewelry of precious materials, or the design of each jewelry are used in the spirit of 30-dimensional concept. In the continuous development of science and technology today, 3D design concept brought us a shocking visual impact.

Design is the soul of jewelry, material is wrapped in the flesh of the soul. For the owner of jewelry, and more hope that their baby has been intact from generation to generation. 3D jewelry material with a lightweight quality, easy to shape the endurance and strength, as you solve the gold jewelry easy to wear trouble.

The traditional sense of the gold as the hardness of the texture is not enough to produce a three-dimensional shape, so the shape is more than one-sided, and 3D gold gold is the biggest characteristic of three-dimensional sense of strong, the edge of the convex part of the general High-brightness color, and the concave part of the block due to the light was dark, fake van cleef necklace can produce a different visual effects in three-dimensional.

knockoff van cleef necklace

knockoff van cleef necklace


Jewelry designers will redesign the previous hollow pattern, after the depth of the idea of ​​the boutique out of three-dimensional posture, bid farewell to the past to see the graphic design. Pure platinum, gorgeous gold and romantic rose gold sketched through the double-sided craftsmanship of the fine lines, so that the traditional sense of hollow carvings show Smart posture, both sides of the double hollow to three-dimensional sense of interpretation to the extreme, not only exudes fashion Smell, but also broke the traditional style of hollow knockoff van cleef necklace!

Jewelry design community have to pay attention to the city landscape, the overall design style began to structure and mechanical sense of a stronger sense of the time through the boundaries of the classic sculpture shape. This three-dimensional three-dimensional replica van cleef & arpels alhambra earring design to perfect interpretation of exquisite lace design Smart and elegant, but also to restore the animal’s agility and vitality, while the overall weight is more light, wear more comfortable, so precious gems can be magical as hanging in the air, more Modern sense of streamline and the sense of time and space ahead.