People can not live in a world of vanity

Rose is the face of recent thoughts look like, she is looking at if you can not get a few beautiful hands, she became a class of unreasonable girls. Class female students proudly to show off and compare with their new replica van cleef and arpels perlee ring , new necklaces. Because she did not jewelry, so no one is willing to play with her, and no one is willing to go home with her.

This is a “vanity school”, where the teaching facilities are good, but there is a strange feature, that is, from time to time we will comparisons of some things – the recent school is popular jewelry, in addition to class, Time we are talking about jewelry.

Rose could not figure out what it was for, but felt that the new school was too good for everything, and wanted to be part of the school environment as soon as possible to become friends with the surrounding classmates. But she underestimated the extent of comparisons, she took from her mother borrowed a few pieces of old jewelry after a few discussions, was completely excluded from the topic of the. Those little girl who, hands, ears, wearing a glittering, crystal clear things, are seen she had not seen.

One day after school came home, she suddenly saw a window, filled with shining stars like things, the light emitted to her projection. She stepped forward to look at those luminous body, and then found – all are replica van cleef earrings, each are delicate and cute, bright, the key is that she dared to bet the girls in the class did not see such a jewelry.

She went to the store do not want to go out, she really wanted to have one, as long as one like. She asked the boss this jewelry can not be cheaper. She suddenly felt very ridiculous, because she could not afford these jewelry. Suddenly the boss said, “Yes, these jewelry can even give you, but there is a condition that you play here in my day, you can easily pick a piece of jewelry.



That day, ROSE really do so to get a beautiful fake van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace , she wore the bracelet to the class. Other students are looking at her with envy. Also invited her to participate in PARTY. ROSE every day to go to the jeweler’s piano, she got her jewelry, she gave them to students, and she also has never had a sense of satisfaction.

In this way, ROSE to participate in the seminars and PARTY more and more, she did not have more time in the jewelry shop playing. She is like the boss to write an IOU. Gradually IOU more and more. When there are times in the PARTY, she took from the jewelry store to open a box of jewelry, all of these jewelry into fish bones. Her body jewelry has become a fish bones, including her fake van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace for students has become a fish bones.

She was suddenly awakened, and her long sigh of relief, the original of these are a dream. Because she was about to transfer to another school, she was determined not to meet her in front of her new life, she frankly accepted.