Red Tourism

This year witnesses the arrival of the 95th anniversary of the Communist Party of China. The people’s republic of China which has been governed by the Communist Party has gone through a lot and it is becoming a shining jewelry among numerous countries in the world .
Partly due to this , recently the red tourism is gaining more and more popularity around the country with a aim to learning more about revolutionary stories and memorizing the hard times.
Nevertheless, when you are walking around these red tourist attractions , do not miss yummy food in these red tourism. Let me list some of top red tourism for you .
First of all, Beijing is the one you cannot miss. The fact that Beijing is the capital city of China makes it a top popular scenic spot. It possess a large number of red tourism, say, the grand Tian’amen Square and the splendid Monument of the People’s Heroes. Moreover , it has many museums in memory of the eventful events , like the Anti-Japanese War.
In addition, Tianjin , a harbor city , which locates in the northeast of China is another good alternative. It has witnessed the Beiping-Tianjin Battle which is one of the three most significant battles between the Communist Party and the National Party. The Beiping-Tianjin Battle played a vital part in the liberation of China during the civil war.
As for other red tourism ,Shanxi province which the well-known Xi’an incident took place in the capital city of Shanxi. People can visit the related memorial museums to gain more information about the history and have a taste of the past hard times. Ningxia Hui autonomous region owns several red tourism scenic spots , memorizing the Long March taken by the red army during the civil war. Visitors can experience and learn more about the enormous hardship and difficulties that red army had to face and overcome.
Nowadays, not only the senior people but also the young people are fond of visiting red tourism. To a certain degree, it has become a fashion, remembering the past history and looking forward a brighter tomorrow.