A gorgeous jewelry movie feast

Today we will share with you a sad love story. The film countless extravagant to dizzy jewelry. The film’s actors are handsome and beautiful combination, coupled with the background of Hollywood high society full of gorgeous replica van cleef & arpels perlee bracelet . Take us to experience a jewelry feast. The story begins with the Manhattan boy Bobby coming to Los Angeles to go to uncle in Hollywood to make a movie.

Things-ridden uncle arranged his secretary Pooh to accompany Bobby in Los Angeles, life is still ignorant of Bobby quickly fell in love with the smart and beautiful Pooh, Pooh has been aware of her boyfriend, throwing obsessed with her.

Pooh with the pursuit of a dream of a happy life from home to the city of Los Angeles, so Pooh will not give up the life of a big city for a boy without any.


van cleef & arpels Alhambra jewelry

van cleef & arpels Alhambra jewelry

She hesitated between her boss (Bobby’s uncle) and Bobby fake van cleef & arpels perlee bracelet. Although Brian has been linger over the embrace, however, that the boss finally willing to divorce and marry her, Pooh or chose to leave Bobby.

Bobby heartbroken, left Los Angeles this sad, he returned to Manhattan took over his brother’s bar, and bar business done very well. Quickly became a celebrity in New York social gathering will go places. Time so quietly passed, Bobby also met a woman named Veronica and formed a family with her.

Bobby’s uncle suddenly took his current wife Pooh at the bar. Wine on the table knockoff van cleef & arpels perlee bracelet, Bobby disappointed to find Pooh has become the past they have looked down on the kind of often celebrities and senior places on the mouth of the exaggerated people.

van cleef & arpels perlee ring

van cleef & arpels perlee ring

The Pooh is also surprised to find that nothing has become a high-end Bobby has now become a social person. However, this time around him already had another woman. Although the hearts of two people still feel for each other, but had already chosen their own path of life, the final two people did not choose to together, so the final left to the audience or regret.

Film in addition to the actors of the show, wonderful story, the film is another highlight of the show’s gorgeous costumes and jewelry, elegant shape from the Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. knockoff van cleef & arpels Alhambra jewelry is a unique style, a symbol of luxury charm. Just the most able to show the life of high society.

Such as replica van cleef & arpels long necklace to express the noble character of the hero, but also it is precisely for the details of the demanding and extreme reduction created such a feast of the film called the aesthetic. Love jewelry together to experience you, right?